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Week 13

Week 13 Home Learning

Week 13

Hi there Year 3,


I hope you are all well and had a fabulous weekend; I cannot believe we only have 2 weeks left before the summer holidays! We still have quite a lot to get through in the next 2 weeks, so let’s get to it…..


It has been so lovely to see how well you are all doing with your online learning lately – particularly on the Purple Mash 2Dos. This week we are continuing our Poetry work in English through the Oak National Academy. I have received some amazing poems already and look forward to reading some more this week.  


In maths, we are learning all about mass. Watch each of the lessons below from White Rose Maths and then complete the worksheet that goes with each lesson.


Mrs Wood and I cannot wait for Wednesday’s picnic! We can’t wait to see you all and spend some time chatting, playing some games and eating!


If you are having any problems, logging in to websites or any technical issues you can email and they should be able to help with these issues. If you would like to ask me anything or send me any more learning the children have been doing my email is I will try to respond as soon as possible.


Have a great week,

Mr Elliot




Monday – Measure mass

Tuesday – Compare mass

Wednesday – Add and subtract mass

Thursday – Measure capacity

Friday – Friday Maths Challenge (Optional)


There is no need to print most of the activities as answers and responses can be written straight into books or on any paper.



English – Please Continue


Writing – Poetry


This week and next, The National Oak Academy are looking at poetry. Over the next two weeks, you will cover a number of English objectives including: word meaning, inference, identifying key features, expanded noun phrases and writing different poems. Have a go at completing each of the daily activities and do not forget to send me your poems at the end of the week.


When you click on the link, all of the lessons from previous weeks are still on there, make sure that you only do the ones for this week, which are at the bottom of the webpage.




I have added a reading comprehension task about "How Weeds Get Everywhere!" for you to complete.



This week’s spellings focuses on homophones and near homophones:

  1. missed
  2. mist
  3. plane
  4. plain
  5. scene
  6. seen
  7. rein
  8. rain
  9. blue
  10. blew


Practise these words three times and write them in sentences.


Complete the spelling activity, which I have set for you on Purple Mash, linked to this week’s spellings.



Joe Wicks: 9am Monday, Wednesday & Saturday


Cosmic kids - Yoga and mindfulness:


Just Dance



Code a Dance Party to share with your friends. Featuring Katy Perry, Shawn Mendes, Panic! At The Disco, Jonas Brothers, and many more!


Science- Plants

I would like you to complete the BBC Bitesize lesson on ‘What does a plant need to live?’ In this lesson, you will explore the requirements of plants for life and growth. This lesson includes three videos showing the basic needs of plants to live and two activities to reinforce learning.

Once you have done that, complete the Purple Mash 2Do. Use your new knowledge of what plants need to live and use the publishing project to help you explain how plants make their own food.

Monday - Measure mass

Tuesday - Compare mass

Wednesday - Add and subtract mass

Thursday - Measure capacity