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Week 13 Learning

Hi there! Do try as much as you can from the Home Learning below. Sadly, lots of the free websites have now closed their free provision, but Purple Mash is one we do subscribe to so there are plenty of 2Dos for you. Also BBC Bitesize and The Oak Academy are continuing.

Only 1 more week of home learning after this!

Week 13 – 6/7/20 (summer term 2) – TOPIC: COLOUR


  • Spelling revisionApostrophes for contraction PDF - How do you use an apostrophe when you shorten ‘did not’ to didn’t? You squash the 2 words together then the apostrophe replaces the letter or letters that you drop. So did + not= didnot= didn’t. The ‘o’ is dropped and the apostrophe goes in its place. (IT DOESN’T GO BETWEEN THE 2 WORDS) Have a go at the activity sheet.
  • Phonics / Red Words revisionHave a go at another ‘Correct the spelling mistake’ activity sheet (p3 & p4). PDF. There are lots of red words (common exception words) that are spelt incorrectly. Can you fix them and spell them correctly? Also have a go at the word search 2 PDF for Red Words (common exception words). Sumdog: There is the second tricky word (Red Word) spelling challenge – Have a go!

Pause the video on each page and chat about each letter. Stop at page 20 and have a talk about the whole text so far. Discuss new vocabulary and word choices. Clarify meanings.  Now use the reading question prompt sheet to discuss the text in more depth.  PDF. There’s also a comprehension sheet this week to have a go at PDF.

  • Writing – Letter –Reply – Choose one of the crayons from the story to write a reply to as if you are Duncan. Try to respond to everything in the letter. Use the same layout as last week. Check out an example letter that I have written from Duncan to Purple Crayon. Word Doc
  • Grammar & Punctuation – revision - tenses including progressive tense using ‘ing’ – Check out the parent’s step by step guide to tenses in Year 2 PDF. Have a go at the tenses worksheet which looks at simple past and present tense with the progressive tense as a challenge at the bottom PDF. There is also a practice booklet which is all about tenses including the progressive tense (ing words) which marks actions in progress PDF.
  • Maths Revision – Shape + Half SATs – Have a go at the Purple Mash 2Do games for Shape (there are 5 2Dos). BBC Bitesize -  June 15th –June 19th has 4 days on shape. The knowledge organiser PDF summarises what Year 2 needs to know about shape.

Half SATs – PDF Have a go at the last couple of papers. This is the last week of these if you’ve been doing 2 per week.

  • Maths Topic – Investigations – BBC Bitesize - Friday challenges (problem solving/investigations/reasoning) with answers. Have a go at a Friday challenge from the Bitesize website. They are tricky but we have used lots in class so they should be familiar. They are from the Whiterose Maths site. You don’t have to do every question – just 1 or 2. Activity mats: Have a go at Activity Mat 2 PDF which quizzes you on different aspects of Year 2 maths. On the activity mats there are 1, 2 and 3 star challenges (thankfully also with answers!).
  • Art – Collage ‘The Snail’ – Matisse ‘cut outs’ – You can see this collage at The Tate Modern in London. JPG It is huge in real life. You can see a man standing in front of it. Check out the link below to read information about how Matisse created it.

Have a look at the animation (link below) to see how we think he put it together.

Have a go at your own collage of a creature you could find in your garden using shapes of paper. Matisse used painted paper but you could use coloured paper if you have it. Draw an outline faintly in pencil first then cover it in coloured 2 D shapes. I’d love to see them.

  • Computing – 2 Paint – Poly-mosaic – Have a go at the 2Do Poly mosaic. It’s a bit like creating a collage. Can you make a collage of a snail like Matisse? I had a go. Check it out PNG. Do have a practice first. Top tip for the border – drag the size slider to left of centre (smallish), choose a colour then drag the shape around the edge of the canvas. Go over and over it to fill gaps so it is a nice solid frame. Mine’s purple!
  • PSHE – Medicines and Me 2 – Have discussions on the following points:
  1. Where do people get medicines from?
  2. When might medicines be used?
  3. Who decides which medicines to use? (doctor, nurse, pharmacist, mum, dad…?)
  4. What can make someone feel better if they are not so ill that they need medicine? (hug, cuddle, special blanket, sit quietly, drink of water…)