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Week 13

Update- I've added a top task for us all to do which was suggested by our King (Herod). I've also changed the fractions booklet from the one I initially uploaded on Friday morning as that one had decimals and percentage work in it that I don't need you to do as you are doing that with the White Rose Maths. 




As we are approaching the end of the school year, we need to make sure that we get the curriculum covered as much as possible, despite the lockdown. THerefore, I'm not going to set any writing this week and ask you to do two weeks worth of White Rose Maths (details in the maths section) instead. 



I have added a reading comprehension task about Rosa Parks for you to complete. 


There's a new Reading test for you to complete in the final two weeks. Do one or two texts this week and the rest next week. 


Please ensure that you continue to read every day. Aim to spend 30 minutes reading. If you're stuck for ideas of what to read, I've added 28 books recommended for children in Year 5 further down the page. 




Purple Mash activity has been set as a 2do. 


In addition, please complete the activity mat and the grammar test in the resources section. 



While we're off, you should try to recap the Orange words that we've covered so far. Take between 6 and 10 a week to revise and test yourself on them. Don't move on to any new words as we have already covered enough of the words for this year and we would be recapping the ones we've already covered if we were in school. 




Edit- The correct fractions booklet has now been added. If you downloaded the previous version which I added on Friday before removing it, then please complete the new one instead. 


White Rose Summer Term weeks 9 and 10

Week 9's work focuses on decimals again and is about adding and subtracting decimals and multiply an dividing them by 10, 100 and 1000. 


Week 10 begins to look at shape by focusing on angles, using a protractor to draw and measure angles and calculating with angles.


I have attached an arithmetic test for you to do, and there's a new fractions pack to complete over the next two weeks. 



Now that Joe Wicks has stopped doing daily workouts, use a combination of Joe, Cosmic Yoga, and Just Dance to ensure that you are getting a daily workout. Last week, I meant to add a couple of videos below that Nicola from Leeds Rhinos, who does our dance lessons, had sent through to us. I forgot todo so so have added them at the bottom of this week's page. Of course, many of you have been cycling and walking lots during this time, so keep that up too. You don't need to over-exert yourself, just make sure you're doing a bit of exercise daily. 




Double science again this week. 


The first lesson focuses on night and day and how the movement of the Earth creates this and the second expands upon this idea to show how time zones work. I've added these as zip files, which may mean they won't be accessible on some devices. If this is a problem for anyone, let me know and I'll send the individual files. 





We're going to look at the artwork of a Spanish artist called Juan Miro.



Back to coding- Choose your own activity from or continue the code club Scratch modules



This week's top task- Try to learn to cook a new recipe. If you've never cooked before, then this is a great time to start. If you have cooked before, then try to broaden your repertoire and learn to cook something new. Obviously, you'll need adult support for this one. 


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