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Week 2

Friday 3rd April 2020

Hi everyone! Amazingly, this is the end of the Spring Term at school. To reward you for all of your hard work since January, and especially over the past two weeks, I've decided to give you two weeks off school. Imagine that! Two whole weeks where you don't have to come into school. Aren't I generous?


I hope that, by now, you've all settled into a bit of a routine with your home learning and the emails I've received certainly seem to indicate that most of you aren't letting your standards drop just because I'm not standing over your shoulder correcting your work. I've had a few of your writing pieces submitted to me and I'm amazed by the levels of creativity and imagination you've shown.- but don't forget the basics like punctuation and varying sentence openers. I know it's hard to get into the right mindset without being in the classroom but the skills that we're teaching you are skills for life-  not just for Year 5- so it's really important that you keep practising and using them. I've received a few Picasso portraits too but I'll wait until I've received a few more submissions before adding them to the gallery. 


Important news!

Today is the start of a National Sumdog contest. You'll remember how we proved we were the best class in Leeds when we entered the competition in January- now let's prove we're the best class in the country! It works in the same way as the Leeds one, so everyone has 1000 questions and the class that answers the most questions will win. Try to encourage as many of the class as possible to get onto Sumdog and answer quesions, so that we have the best possible chance of winning. 


It's been a quiet few days in the Duffy household since I last updated you and we haven't really done very much. Theo is really missing going to nursery so we've just been trying to keep his mind off it by playing in the garden, making (and eating) biscuits and going on lots of walks and bike rides. 


I hope you all have a lovely Easter break and enjoy the couple of weeks without worrying about school work. You're more than welcome to keep e-mailing me over the holidays to let me know what you've been up to and I'll add a new gallery to our Home Learning section after the break. I'll probably take a bit longer to reply during the holidays, but I'll still be checking my emails every few days to keep up to date without what you've been up to. 


Take care, 


Mr. Duffy


Tuesday 31st March 2020


Well, that was an interesting week, wasn't it? At least the weather was good so we were all able to enjoy some time outdoors. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like we'll be as lucky this week, but I'm sure you will still find lots of fun things to get up to and lots of ways for some of you to make mischief for your parents- not mentioning any names! I've added some new tasks in the section below for you to complete this week which will hopefully keep you out of trouble for a bit. 


I've really enjoyed the time since the last update on Thursday as, since then, I've been inundated with emails from so many of you showing the work that you've done, ranging from reading outdoors to doing bug hunts. Some people even misinterpreted the instructions for the art task last week and did a different type of painting altogether- painting their house and garage - with parental help, obviously. Do NOT go and start randomly painting rooms in your house and try to blame it on me. I have enough hassle with a certain someone who thinks it's fun to draw on walls with crayons or, as he did this week, on carpets with lipstick. P.S Parents, if you happen to know how to get lipstick out of carpets, feel free to let me know!


So, since I last wrote  to you on Thursday, we've done some baking, played in the garden (a lot- trampolines are so much fun), gone for another few walks in the woods, read The Gruffalo about 3,467 times, and I've started some of those DIY jobs that Hayley has been nagging me to do since we moved into this house in November 2018. Also, as Theo's favourite place in the world is Knowsley Safari Park, we created a model of a safari park as he can't go to the real one. 


That's all for now. Remember the 4 key jobs while you're off; keep safe, have fun, keep learning and keep in touch. I've loved your emails over the past week, so keep them coming. To those of you who haven't been in touch yet, why not? 


Talk soon, 


Mr. Duffy