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Week 2


Wow, wow, wow! We have been blown away by the children's independent learning this week! The children have been really challenging themselves during their provision time and applying what we have been learning in class to their independent learning time. In science, we have been observing a tree outside our classroom and noticing how it changes over the year. Lots of the children have independently chosen to record their observations in our 'tree diary' this week. They observed the tree really carefully and used some great scientific vocabulary! You can see some examples of their work below. We have also been continuing our work on rural and urban areas this week and some children drew their own maps to show each of these. We have also had lots of shopping lists written in our Tesco role play area.  Great work year 1 - you are on fire! Keep it up! 


We were also very impressed with the quality of the children's writing during their 'big write' this week. The children were focussing on using adjectives to describe a setting and we were blown away by some of the descriptive vocabulary that they came up with. 


In art, we have started our new unit which is all about printing. The children enjoyed looking at the work of Andy Warhol and talking about how printing is different to painting. We then had a great (but VERY messy) afternoon exploring printing using a variety of found and natural objects. The children experimented with a range of methods of applying the paint (brush, dipping and roller) and talked about which method they thought was the best. 


Another fantastic week!