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Week 2

Wow, what a great week we have had for our whole-school spirituality week! This week was all about asking big questions and  developing our curiosity and sense of awe and wonder about the world around us. 


At the beginning of the week, we thought about what spirituality is and began by linking it to our science topic on animals and humans. We thought about whether humans and animals are alike and whether animals feel joy and pain. We also designed our own animal by combining two different animals together - the children really enjoyed this and were very creative! We then moved on to develop our sense of awe and wonder by thinking about space. We listened to some peaceful music whilst looking at images of space and considered what space made us think, feel and wonder. The children came up with some thoughtful responses and you can see some of their work below. The children then used some images taken by the Hubble telescope to inspire their own pastel art-work. Finally, we finished off our week with some calming yoga in PE. 


In maths, we have been finding one more and one less and comparing numbers to 20. The children have really been working hard on explaining their thinking. For example:

”19 is less than 20 because it is 1 smaller.”

“20 is greater than 9 because it has two tens and 9 has no tens.”

“17 is greater than 11 because it has more ones.”


We have continued to learn some new set 3 sounds in phonics and have been blown away by how quickly the children are grasping them! Great work year 1! 


We have really missed all the children who have been self-isolating and can't wait to start welcoming you back next week!

Spirituality Week - Space

Maths - comparing numbers to 20