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Week 2

This week in year 1 we have been continuing to learn a new super sentence structure - question sentences. The children enjoyed finding the pictures around the room and writing their own question sentences about the picture. They tried really hard to remember capital letters and question marks and tried to start their questions in different ways - super work year 1!


We have started our new DT project which is to design and make a healthy fruit kebab. We began by evaluating different fruit kebabs. The children enjoyed thinking about what was good and what could be improved about each one.


Jesper - The pieces are too big and the kebab stick is bending - they will fall off!

Matilda - That one is not very bright and colourful.

Siena- That one only has banana on it and nothing else.


Together, we came up with 3 things that a good fruit kebab should have. We decided our fruit kebabs should: have different types of fruit, be colourful and have bite-sized pieces of fruit that are easy to eat. 

We also enjoyed a visit from Dside Dave who came to talk to us about how to keep our bodies healthy. The children had to help Q the robot learn all about humans. The children learnt about what makes up our bodies and enjoyed using the body suit to learn the names of common bones and organs. They also enjoyed helping Q to pack a healthy lunchbox and identify items that help keep us clean. 


DT - Evaluating fruit kebabs

Question Sentences

Dside Dave