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Week 2

Year 1 had a wonderful time on our school trip to The Yorkshire Wildlife Park this week. The children's behaviour was exemplary and we were so, so proud of how they conducted themselves. We saw monkeys, lions, polar bears, meerkats and giraffes to name but a few and it was a pleasure to see how engaged the children were. We took part in a workshop and we were blown away by how much the children had remembered from our science topic on animals! During the workshop, the children got to handle some small creatures including snakes, giant African land snails and cockroaches (they were braver than most of the staff!). 

The children enjoyed a busy but relaxing afternoon being artists on Thursday. They went into the school grounds and carefully observed and sketched a variety of trees and plants. We were blown away by how much detail the children included in their sketches - I think we have some budding artists on our hands!

This week, in science, we planted some runner bean seeds and talked about what our plants might need to grow. The children made predictions about which part of the plant would appear from the seed first and are excited to observe how they grow and change over the next few weeks.