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Week 2



First and foremost, continue with and complete your self-choice writing project. If you've finished this, I'd like you to complete the writing task at The story starter is below the image and you need to plan (very important) and continue the story from the point that the starter ends. Don't forget your key Year 5 writing criteria and try to keep your handwriting neat. As with last week, treat it as a task in school; do a couple of paragraphs per day, check and edit your writing as you go and then check it again the next day before you start again. 



Complete the reading activity at


You can now access e-books on the website. The details on how to access this are in the spelling section below. 


Please ensure that you continue to read every day. Aim to spend 30 minutes reading. If you're stuck for ideas of what to read, I've added 28 books recommended for children in Year 5 further down the page. 



I've set some grammar tasks for you to complete on Purple Mash. Go do them!



Go to and click on  the big pink "my class login" button at the top. Use the username CLEHY5 and the password year5 to log in. Then, select "extra practice zone" from Read Write Inc spelling, filter Year 5 at the top and complete the "Sounds the Same" task.  


There are still spelling tasks on Sumdog for you to complete too. 



There are still plenty of activities for you to complete on Sumdog. Please continue with these and complete as many of the challenges as possible. I've also created a couple of challenges for you to complete in teams, so don't let your team-mates down and ensure that you answer as many questions as possible. Well done to last week's birthday boy who spent the most time on the site. 


Additionally, I have set you some work on Diagnostic questions. You'll need to watch the video at before completing the tasks. 




Keep going with the Joe Wicks PE sessions- but be nice to your parents and don't make them do them all. 



Following how much so many of you enjoyed last week's art lesson, I've decided to give you another one. This time, I want you to draw Picasso-style self-portraits. The link is



Use the wesbite to select a Scratch project to complete. If you attend Coding Club, continue from where we were up to, otherwise start at Module 1. You can either download Scratch to a PC or laptop if you have one or access it online at



As you know, your next learning log was a make or do activity related to the country you chose for your research. Go ahead and complete this and be sure to share photos/videos/comments on what you make. 


This week's top task: Plant or grow something!

Again, send me some photos