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Week 2

What a fantastic week of learning we have had in year 1!


The children have thoroughly enjoyed continuing with our fruit kebab project in DT. This week, the children investigated a variety of fruits to help them decide which they might include on their fruit kebabs. The children thought about where the fruit comes from, what it looks like on the outside and inside and described its taste and texture. 

"A strawberry is really sweet and juicy."

"The banana is soft and a bit slimy."

"The strawberry has little seeds on the outside."

"Melon has a hard skin on it."

"Bananas grow on a tree upside down."


We also talked about how to prepare food safely thinking about our food hygiene.

"We need to wash our hands so we don't put germs on the food."

"The table and chopping board needs to be clean."

"We can wear an apron."

The children then selected which tools and utensils they might need to prepare and chop a banana into bite-sized chunks and learnt the fork secure method as a safe way of chopping fruit. We were so impressed by how focussed the children were and think we might have some budding chefs!


In History, we continued our learning on Florence Nightingale by considering why she might have decided to go to The Crimea to help British soldiers. The children really enjoyed taking on the role of Florence during our hot seating activity and using everything they had learnt to give one reason for why she decided to go.