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Week 2

The children completed their 'Phonics Screening Check' at the beginning of this week and we were so proud of how focussed they all were - well done year 1!


This week, in history, the children have worked as history detectives and used the sources to investigate how the Great Fire of London started. We were so impressed by their deep thinking!

"I can see 3 days on the map so I think this is when it started and then it went to there on that day and then to there."

"I wonder if someone distracted the baker."

"I can see a date on this picture - maybe that is when it started."

" It says it started at one in the morning and that is in the middle of the night."


In Art, the children have enjoyed using different tools to create careful drawings of feathers. They thought carefully about how they could show the texture of the feathers.