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Week 2

Exploring volume and capacity in maths

Another busy week in Year 1! We are super impressed with how the children have been this week and we seem to have gone back to our routines quite seamlessly!


In maths, we have looked at weight and capacity. We had some equipment in the classroom, which Year 1 certainly enjoyed using. The children enjoyed exploring volume by filling different containers and using the words 'full, empty, half full, nearly full' to describe them. The children also investigated which container had the biggest capacity by measuring using non-standard units (cups). The children really enjoyed these practical sessions and could explain their findings really well.  For the next 2 weeks, we are going to recap the place value to 50 unit.


In phonics, we have now gone through the set 3 sounds for a third time. We are so proud of how the class are coping with these nee sounds, especially the split digraphs! For the next 2 weeks we will be looking at 9 sounds which are not in RWI. We will keep you informed on the sounds we are looking at. The Year 1 team were so pleased with the Big Write this week! The class retold the story of the Gingerbread Man and some of the language and grammar techniques used were very impressive. To link with this, the children started designing a moving 'Gingerbread Man' picture in DT. We explored some moving books and the mechanisms that make them move (slider, lever, wheel). The children then designed their own picture and thought about which part would move and how they could make it move. They are excited to use their designs to make their moving pictures next week. 


In PHSE we looked at the importance of not keeping a worry to yourself and looked at the book ‘Ruby’s Worry’ to support this. In RE, we looked at the work that St George’s crypt do in Leeds. We had a long discussion on the carpet and looked at pictures and videos. The class seemed really interested in the subject, especially when I mentioned that our Harvest donations normally go to St George’s Crypt.


The children all looked fabulous in their outfits for Comic Relief. The children enjoyed designing their own super-hero masks and took part in some super-hero gymnastic challenges in PE.