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Week 2

We have had another busy but fantastic week in year 1 and the children have continued to amaze us with their positive attitudes, super tidying up and how quickly they are getting used to the new routines. We are so, so proud of them!


As a whole school, we have had a special focus week to launch our curriculum drivers this week. The children have enjoyed taking part in focussed activities linking to a specific driver each day. On Monday, we focussed on the 'Initiative' driver. Miss Thackray read the children a story called 'The Dot'. Miss Thackray then gave the children a piece of paper with a black dot in the middle and the children had to use their initiative to incorporate the dot into part of their picture. The children's ideas were simply amazing and we ended up with 30 completely different pictures! 


On Tuesday, our activities were based around the 'environment' driver and the children discussed ways in which we could all look after our environment. Our next curriculum driver was 'Spirituality'. The children had a go at answering a big question about the wider world which was 'Where does our wonderful world come from?'. The children really enjoyed sharing their different ideas with each other and drew pictures to represent their ideas. Finally, we focussed on the 'Diversity' driver. Mrs Hesketh read the children a story called 'It's OK to be different'. We talked about the different ways that they are special and unique and then the children designed their own page for the book. 


In maths, we have started our first unit which focusses on place value in numbers up to 10. The children have really impressed us with their careful counting skills and enjoyed a practical lesson where they had to represent a number in as many different ways as they could. 


In phonics, we have started re-capping the set 1 digraphs (th, ch, sh, qu, ng and nk) from reception. The children have also been very excited about starting to learn cursive letter formation - we are sure they will be keen to show you their beautiful writing at home.


We hope you have a lovely weekend!

Curriculum Drivers Launch Week

Maths - representing numbers In different ways