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Week 2 Blog

Wow! What an amazing first two weeks at school Reception have had. We have been blown away by your children's maturity and independence! Last week the children spent time exploring all the areas of learning in the classroom. They learnt how to tidy and sort learning resources. The children learnt how to change their shoes and sort their belongings independently and also how to recognise their name and put it in the correct box to describe how they are feeling! The children have then learnt to find a picture of their face and put it on the correct tens frame to choose what they want for school dinner. They have been getting all this done between 8.50am-9.05am! Wow! 

This week we have been reading 'The Colour Monster' and talking about our emotions and how to keep how minds healthy, the children have learnt some fantastic new vocabulary and have been using it to describe how they feel throughout the day. The children have also been making collages of all the colour monsters. They have been learning how to cut and stick different materials.

Today we had our very first PE lesson in the hall, the children were fantastic and listened really carefully. The children have also been learning how to line up in alphabetical order, and they managed to get it right after just three attempts! We also had a story from Mr Cook, which the children all really enjoyed.

Next week, the children will start joining the rest of  the school for collective worship. We will also learn about house points and the RESPECT code!


We hope you have a fantastic weekend and that the children have a very well deserved rest- we are SO proud of you.