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Week 2 Learning

Week 2  30/3/20

  • Spelling – Test yourself on ‘Jumping Red Words’ – after, class, grass, pass, hour, plant,  and ‘Words to Log and Learn’(2B unit 8) – words ending in le that you chose last week.

New spellings are 2B unit 9 words ending in elangel, camel, cancel, jewel, label, level, parcel, snorkel, squirrel, tinsel, towel, travel, trowel, tunnel, vowel. Find out what all the words mean and try to use in a sentence. The ones in bold would be good to log and learn for next week’s check up. Jumping Red words to learn – our, house, above, love, watch, want

  • Phonics – The sound ‘or’  as in for, oor – floor and door, aw – paw and claw, au – August and pause, ore – score and more. Can you spot/read these graphemes in your reading? Can you spell words with these spelling patterns? Can you make lists with each pattern?
  • Reading (science)– Have a go at the comprehension below about a woodland habitat. Follow the link below to classroom secrets kids.

  • Reading / Writing– Checkout Oxford Owl e books. There’s a great one called ‘Attack of the Centipede’. You could have a go at retelling the story by writing your own version. You could imagine what it might be like to shrink and visit your bug hotel. What creatures might you find?

Barn Owl Facts – Read the facts about Barn Owls and label the photo or draw a picture and label it. WORD DOC

  • Maths practice – I can partition any 2 digit number. E.g. Can you find 6 ways to make 26? 20+6, 16+10. Can you use add and subtraction signs? 30-4=26. Choose 10 different 2 digit numbers to make in different ways.
  • X2, x5, x10 snakes and ladders game – PDF file
  • Maths Topic - telling the time –I can tell the time to the quarter hour. Practise O’Clock, quarter past, half past and quarter to. Then try all the 5 mins past, then the 5 mins to the hour. You need a clock with hands to practise on. Can you put hands on a clock to tell the time? See Zip folder Activity pack/mats/sheets Zip2544953
  • RE - Why does Easter matter to Christians? On the classroom Secrets Kids site there is a reading comprehension about the Easter Story. You will find out about Easter as you read.
  • Computing – I can create a graph. Use Purple Mash ‘2 Graph’ to create a graph of the mini beast / animals/plants living around your home. Can you give it a title? Can you change the labels? Can you change the colours? Remember to pop your name at the top.  Save your graph as normal and I will be able to have a look at how you have done.
  • Science – Plant investigation  - can you get hold of some seeds ready to do an investigation in a couple of weeks? You may already have some or you could get seeds from fruit or vegetables. Pepper seeds grow quite well. Pea or bean seeds are good and so is cress as they grow quite quickly.
  • Geography –(mini project) What is an island? Where is Madagascar? What can you find out about it? What does it look like? What are the physical features (what is there naturally) and what are the human features (things that people have made) of Madagascar? What plants and animals live there? What jobs do people do there? Why do people visit? You could create a fact file or poster showing information and pictures about Madagascar. Extra - Compare Madagascar to the UK. What’s the same/different?
  • PSHE - Families -  understand that families care for each other in a variety of ways. Create an image of someone who is special in your family that illustrates why they are special.
Music – Carnival of the Animals by Saint Seans – Listen to the music. Can you hear different instruments playing? Can you spot changes in speed (tempo)?