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Week 2

*** Update Week 2 ***

Happy Friday Year 3,

Day 10 of home learning and you’re all doing an AMAZING job. Mrs Wood and I have really enjoyed seeing all the lovely pictures you have sent in, they always bring a smile to our faces and remind us of what a very special class you are.


Have a lovely Easter break and remember to take some hard-earned rest.  If you really want to keep busy then check-out the Easter bingo activity and the Easter egg design challenge.


Week 2 Quiz


1. Which fraction below is a unit fraction?

A) 5/10

B) 2/3

C) 1/4

2. What is 8 x 6?

A) 48

B) 46

C) 42

3. What is the top number of a fraction called?

A) Denominator

B) Numerator

C) Bob

4.Which fraction is equivalent to 1/2?

A) 2/3

B) 3/4

C) 3/6

5. Has the sentence below used an adverb for time, cause or place?

She did not revise, consequently she failed her test.

A) Time

B) Cause

C) Place

6. Has the sentence below used an adverb for time, cause or place?

The class is going on a school trip to the safari park tomorrow and I don’t want to miss it.

A) Time

B) Cause

C) Place

7. Easter celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ. After his crucifixion, Jesus rose from the dead how many days later?

A) 2

B) 5

C) 7

8. Which country has the tradition of eating hot cross buns at Easter?

A) France

B) Great Britain

C) Spain

9. True or False. In Easter traditions, the egg represents “new life,” or the resurrection of Christ.




10. What colours are associated with Easter?

A) Purple and yellow

B) Red and green

C) Yellow, blue and white


Easter Egg Design Activity


I would like you to get creative and design your own egg within the outline provided. You can link it to a favourite book, film or cartoon character or just have fun and get creative. I have attached a few examples of mine below. Have fun and don’t forget to send me pictures once you have finished.


Well done everybody. Stay safe, be kind, keep smiling and look after everybody.

Love from the Year 3 team – Mr E and Mrs Wood


Week 2


Hello year 3,


Welcome to our second week of online learning! It was very strange not to be in the classroom with you last week but with the amazing work I have seen you complete on Sumdog, Purple Mash and Classroom Secrets has reminded me of what a fabulous, amazing and terrific class you are! You have made me so proud! I have also enjoyed receiving your emails and pictures with updates with what you have been up to at home with your family. I have included another set of photos below and will look to set up a class gallery so that you can see what everyone else has been up to.  






Parents – First of all THANK YOU! You are doing an AMAZING job!

Skills in English, maths and science are essential, but so too are life skills. Learning is much more than just a school curriculum so remember to enjoy the ‘simple’ activities together like baking a cake, going for a walk, writing a letter to someone, building a den, planting some vegetables, completing a puzzle, playing a board game or even washing the car.


Here we have a range of different activities for you to choose from to keep you busy this week! This week’s learning will follow a similar pattern to last week and I will try to add as many activities as possible to keep you engaged. Please don’t feel that everything needs to be completed and sent back to me, going at your own pace is exactly the right thing to do and if only one or two tasks get completed then please don’t worry.



White Rose Maths: This is the scheme we base our maths learning on. They are producing online materials including instructional videos that you can access from home. We are currently learning about fractions.


Just follow these four easy steps…

  1. Click on the set of lessons for your child’s year group.

  2. Watch the video (either on your own or with an adult).

  3. Find a calm space where you can work for about 20-30 minutes.

  4. Use the video guidance to help you as you work through a lesson.


Monday – Fractions on a number line

Tuesday – Fractions of a set of objects [1]

Wednesday – Fractions of a set of objects [2]

Thursday –Fractions of a set of objects [3]

Friday – Equivalent fractions


Sumdog - Complete the activities allocated on there.

Purple Mash – 2do – Fractions game


There is no need to print most of the activities as answers and responses can be written straight into books or on any paper. – is another great website which has a wide range of activities for Maths and English.





Easter Research

Using the Purple Mash activity, I have set for you, I would like you to research different Easter traditions and how Easter is celebrated in not only our country but countries around Europe and tell me a little bit about them.


Easter Comic Strip

Draw a comic strip about the events of the Easter story. Write a short description for each event under the pictures ( a template of a comic strip is in the week 2 resources below).


Grammar and Punctuation (PowerPoint on adverbs can be found in the Week 2 Learning Resources section below)


What is an Adverb? revision activity includes 5 questions designed to support recognising adverbs. Sentences will include other word types such as adjectives.


Using Adverbs to Express Time, Place and Cause activity checks pupils' understanding of different adverbs. Have a look at the PowerPoint in the ‘Week 2 Resources’ below then complete the activity at:   


Reading – Easter Comprehension


Complete the reading activity at:




This week’s spellings focus on words with a /sh/ sound spelt with 'ch':

  1. chef

  2. chalet

  3. machine

  4. brochure

  5. crochet

  6. ricochet

  7. parachute

  8. moustache

  9. champagne

  10. chute

Practise these words three times and write them in sentences.


Spellings – RWI (

For any extra spelling and reading work please visit Oxford Owl (Web address above) using the following log in details:

Username: clehy3

Password: year3


You will need to log in through the ‘My Class Login’ at the top of the webpage. Some of the resources are PDF documents but these don’t need to be printed off, the work can simple be completed on paper or in books. Oxford Owl also has a free online eBook library which includes the popular Project X series.  



Joe Wicks is streaming daily live fitness videos at 9am on his YouTube Channel – ‘The Body Coach TV’. Have a go at today’s fitness session if you fancy it or do some exercise of your own.



During this time of being at home, many of you may begin to feel sad at the thought of not being able to do some of the things you love, or not being able to see family and friends you care about.  Could you create a Wish Jar for you and your family? Every time you wish you could do something or see someone, write it down on a note and pop it into the jar. As soon as we are allowed to move around more freely, take out your wishes one by one and watch them all come true! What will you put into your Wish Jar this week?


Art - Please continue work which was set last week.



There are 3 types of rock. Igneous, Sedimentary and Metamorphic. Can you find out how each type of rock is formed.? Use this website to write a short description or draw a diagram about how each type is formed.



Should you have any technical issues with websites or missing logins/passwords then we have set up a new email address for you to send these queries which will be monitored by Mr Duffy.


Ok, that's it from me for now. Please, keep yourselves and your families safe , keep learning, have fun and remember to keep sending pictures of the awesome things you are doing and learning.


Mr E & Mrs Wood

Year 3 team