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Week 3

Wow! Another busy week in year 1 - time is flying and we can't believe that the end of the year will soon be approaching! It was so lovely to be able to speak with you all during our virtual parent evenings this week. 


In maths, the children have been learning about money. We have focussed on recognising the values of different coins and notes and counting coins to make amounts. The children have really enjoyed using our 'toy' money in these sessions and we are sure they might be eager to look at (but hopefully not spend!)  the money in your purses! Our PSHE this week has also linked with the theme of money. The children enjoyed reading a story about a girl who decided to save up for something that she really wanted. The children then created their own story-boards about how they might save up for something that they really want and how it would make them feel. 


In science, the children have re-visited our 'materials' topic. The children enjoyed grouping different objects according to the material they are made from and playing a game where they had to guess the material that was in the secret bag! The children then wrote their own clues to describe a secret material. The children tried really hard to include lots of scientific vocabulary to describe the properties of the materials. You can see some of their work in the gallery. Can you guess what their secret materials are?