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Week 3

Happy Friday! We have been blown away by how hard the children have worked this week - they are all coping really well with the step up into the year 1 curriculum! 


In phonics, we have been continuing to focus on our set 3 sounds . It is getting trickier now there are more of them but the children are trying really hard - we are so proud of them! In our grammar session this week, we focussed on the pre-fix 'un' and understanding how it changes the meaning of words. In maths, we have just started our next unit on addition and subtraction within 20. 


We started our DT unit this week. The children thoroughly enjoyed examining different fruit kebabs and saying what was good or not good about them. They could all clearly identify which was the best example and gave some fantastic explanations to demonstrate their thinking.

"This one is not very good because it is just all the same fruit."

"This one is good because it has different fruits on it but they are all the same colour so it is a bit boring."

"I think this one is the best because it has lots of different fruits."

"The pieces on this one are too big!"

The children also enjoyed tasting different fruits and exploring different vocabulary they could use to describe them. 


The children have been really engaged and interested in our history topic about Florence Nightingale. This week, we investigated what changes she made to Scutari hospital and why. The children were very thankful that hospitals today are nothing like Scutari hospital was before Florence arrived. 


Have a lovely weekend!