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Week 3

This week we continued our learning about animal groups in science by looking at fish. Mrs Hesketh brought in some whole fish for the children to observe so that they could identify all the different parts of a fish. The children then used what they had observed to help them label a diagram of a fish and compared the structure of fish to what they already knew about mammals and birds.


EK - Fish have gills but mammals have lungs.

HC - Fish have scales on them but mammals have hair and fur.

SH - Fish have cold blood but mammals are warm blooded.

SS- Mammals stay on land but fish have to be in water.

ES - Fish need to breathe in a different way. 

HD - Birds have feathers and fish have scales.


What super science year 1!


In art, the children have building up the skills that they will need to produce their Van Gogh Starry Night pictures. This week, the children learnt about primary and secondary colours and colour mixing. They also enjoyed experimenting with adding white to create different shades of blue and yellow.


Just a reminder that it is Science week next week. If you managed to have a go at the science challenge set by Mrs Hughes please bring your results in to school next week - thank you!