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Week 3

What a fun week we have had in year 1 where some super learning has taken place!


In Art, the children explored how they could crumple, fold, cut and tear paper to create texture. This was to investigate the techniques we could use to create feathers for our bird sculptures next week. The children really enjoyed investigating this and some even chose to continue this learning during their time in provision! 


In history, we explored the key question ‘ What did people do to help stop the fire?’ We thought about what a historian might do to find this out and then used diary extracts and paintings as sources to find out. The children were shocked to find that there was no one in charge of fire fighting in 1666 and most people were more concerned with escaping or rescuing their belongings than putting the fire out! We looked at the different equipment they used and explored the benefits and limitations of each. The children thoroughly enjoyed our role play activity where they had to put the fire out using these methods!