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Week 3

What another fantastic week in Year 1! We are so proud of how the children are doing and are seeing some really good progress.


We have particularly been blown away by handwriting this week. I know how hard you worked on this during the home learning period and it has certainly had a positive impact! In maths, we are currently revisiting place value to 50. Again, we have been impressed with the classes knowledge for this topic. You must all be excellent teachers! The children enjoyed a practical lesson outdoors this week where they had to hunt for different representations of numbers that were hidden around the playground. 

In phonics we have looked at 5 new sounds (ie, ue, wh, ph, oe). We will also look at four new sounds next week. We will then look at these sounds again after Easter. The class seemed to enjoy the new rhymes, especially pie in the sky and dolphin on the phone! In Big Write, we retold the story of ‘The Three Little Pigs’. The quality of work was phenomenal and we are so pleased with their writing at the moment. There seems to be a real positive attitude towards it :).

In our afternoon sessions, we have looked at spring. We used our senses to describe the signs of spring. Then the next day we wrote a poem about spring using our findings from the day before. 


The children used their designs to make their moving picture this week. They really enjoyed this activity and we were blown away by how much care they took with cutting and colouring. Their finished products look very professional.