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Week 3

We have had another brilliant week in year 1!


In maths, the children consolidated their understanding of arrays from last week as this was something they had found a bit tricky. The children enjoyed a practical lesson using different resources and equipment to build their own arrays. This really helped the children to secure their understanding and we were very impressed by their team work and maths skills. The children have also moved on to learn about division in terms of sharing and grouping objects. We are really impressed with how much progress the children are making in maths and how resilient they are when learning new concepts. 


We have been amazed by the quality of the children's independent writing this week. The children are trying really hard to include all their new skills (question marks, exclamation marks, adjectives, conjunctions) and their handwriting is very impressive! 


In history we continued to learn about Mary Anning. The children enjoyed watching a video about her life and then sequenced some of the key events. We discussed whether they were happy or sad events and which events were particularly significant. 


In science, the children continued their work on animals by identifying herbivores, carnivores and omnivores. They then used what they had learnt to produce some factual writing about animals in their 'Big Write' this week. 


The children were also lucky enough to have a PE lesson with Mr Cook this week and a music lesson with Mrs Meek. In music, the children thought about the types of movements that dinosaurs made and then selected percussion instruments to represent these movements. Great work year 1!