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Week 3 Blog



We are very pleased to have welcomed year 1 back to school today after their period of isolation. It was so lovely to see all their smiley faces this morning! We have really missed them.


We are incredibly proud of all the children and their attitude towards the home learning. We were blown away by the amount and quality of work that the children produced so a big 'well done' from all of the year 1 team!


The children have settled straight back into their usual routines today and were proud to show off their beautiful cursive handwriting this morning-we can tell they have been practising a lot at home! 


This morning, the children really enjoyed taking part in a capital and lower case letter 'bug hunt' around the classroom. Lots of lower case letter bugs had crawled into our classroom while we were away and the children had to 'catch' them and put them into the correct capital letter jar. The children really enjoyed this and it got them really thinking about forming capital letters correctly.  We have set up some other activities in provision to consolidate this learning (see pictures) as it is vital that the children can identify and form capital letters correctly. 


This afternoon, some of the children started working on their 'Starry Night' pictures in art. The children were all very eager to begin their master-pieces and I have uploaded some examples of their work so far. These pieces will be created over several sessions and I am sure will be something the children are very proud of once they are completed.