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Week 3 Blog

Still hunting…!


We have had another fab week in school. The children continue to follow our new rules carefully and are all really enjoying their learning and play. They have totally astounded us with their maturity and enthusiasm over the last few weeks.


Did you spot their fantastic chalk story maps on the playground? The children loved creating these to consolidate their understanding of the sequence of the Bear Hunt story. They also really enjoyed using musical instruments to add sound effects whilst we retold the story together and have requested that we do this activity again next week! Then they used all this learning to write the whole story during our Big Write session on Friday, trying hard to use describing words, such as ‘wavy’ grass, ‘squelchy’ mud and ‘gloomy’ forest, plus they all used phonics brilliantly to sound out their words. Well done Reception – we were super impressed! The children really like watching Michael Rosen, the author, read his own book online: . We will continue our Bear Hunt theme next week before moving on to another book focus.


We listened to all the children read to us individually last week and will continue to do this at least once a week. We are using the new Read Write Inc Book Bag Books that we had started to send home previously. Obviously we are unable to send the books home at this time, but please ask your child about the books they have read to us and continue to access Oxford Owls or your own books if you are able. The children all tried so hard with their reading, sounding out carefully, recognising some tricky/ red words by sight and talking well about the story. Great job Reception! We are also having a huge focus on RWI, phonics and tricky/ red words to which the children are responding to really well – we think they are happily settling into their learning routine now.


Over the past two weeks, we have really focused on doubling in our Maths sessions. The children absolutely love the Numberblocks programme ‘Double Trouble’ and the song ‘The Doubling Machine’ so please follow the links below if you would like to consolidate this learning at home. Most children can double numbers 1-5 so we are now focusing on 6-10, with some children even able to double 2-digit numbers (11+11 to 15+15) and tens numbers (10+10 to 50+50). Have fun!

Double Trouble –

Doubling Machine – (at 20mins 20secs) Then sing without video using your own numbers to double!


Please remember to apply sun cream before school if the weather forecasters have got it right for next week! Also, it’s essential that children have a raincoat in school as we often get unexpected showers and we really are trying to take the children out for play whatever the weather!


The Reception Team