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Week 4

Friday 1st May

Wow, it's May already! I hope you've all been having a good week and are finding the work manageable and enjoyable. I've received loads of updates this week, so it's taken me a little while to catch up with everything but I think I've replied to all of you now. 


The galleries are bulging with pics of all the wonderful things you've been doing and it was great to see Mr. Cook choose some of your work to go in the headteacher's blog this week too. I've added some of your writing as well, so please feel free to send some more of it through to me to add to this section. I've loved reading your setting descriptions and can't wait for your character descriptions this week. 


Although I don;t usually mention you individually on here, i must make reference to the amazing find that one of our class made this week. One person in Year 5 was out for a walk and found what is most likely a gauge 1 cannonball from the English civil war. How awesome is that? It just goes to show how much history we are surrounded by  and the great stories that are out there just waiting to be discovered. 


For me, it's been an pretty uneventful week. We had a birthday party over Facetime for the boys' Nana and did some more schoolwork with Theo to try and help him get ready for school in September. Other than the usual walks in the woods and playing in the garden, we haven't done very much exciting this week. Thankfully, Theo has lost interest in soaking me every time we go outside but I'm sure he'll rediscover that particular joy once the weather picks up again. He doesn't seem particularly concerned by the weather changing and was most annoyed today when I told him he couldn't go in the pool because it was too cold. 


As always, take care, stay safe and have fun.


Mr. Duffy 


Tuesday 28th April 2020


So, missing school yet? I can't believe it, but I certainly am. I'm even missing some of you lot!


Although the circumstances aren't ideal, I can't believe how lucky we've been to have all of this sunshine. I can't recall a time when I've spent this much time outdoors. From all of the pictures you've been sending through, it seems you've been doing the same. I even heard from a few of you for the first time last week, which was absolutely wonderful. Although, at the same time, I haven't heard from some of you since the first couple of weeks after we closed, so it would be nice if you got back in touch. You know who you are! 


Speaking of sunshine and time outdoors, I must admit that I've made a terrible error of judgement. I bought Theo a new pool and his first water pistol towards the end of last week and, since then, I've been almost too afraid to leave the house as, every time I step outside, I end up getting drenched. I've now reached the stage where I have to peek through the window to make sure he isn't waiting to ambush me as soon as I step through the door. Who knew a three year old could have such deadly accuracy? We also put Freddie in the pool and, unsurprisingly, he tried to drink it all. I've also given up on my plan to redo my garden as it now just resembles a child's playground and Theo insists on smashing all of the existing plants with the football anyway. Other than that, we've just been doing the usual jigsaws, painting, building and walking. Oh, and trying to recite numbers to 20, which is hindered massively by his refusal to acknowledge the existence of the number 16. 


Finally, given how long it takes to download, rename, sort and upload all of your pictures, I'm now going to alternate between updating the work on Tuesdays and uploading the pictures on Fridays. So make sure you check back on Friday to see what everyone has been getting up to!


Take care, stay safe and have fun!

Mr. Duffy.