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Week 4

What a fantastic morning we had on Thursday for our parent event! Thank you so much to those of you that came - the children really enjoyed sharing their learning with you. You can see some photos from the morning below. 


On Thursday, the children also thoroughly enjoyed a science lesson on the senses. The children thought about which part of the body was associated with each sense during a matching activity. Then they put their senses to the test to see if they could work out the flavour of the mystery crisps. The children also enjoyed investigating the 'smell pots' and seeing if they could work out what was in the pot by using their sense of smell. 


In French this week we re-capped numbers 1-10. The children enjoyed playing a board game with their partner where they had to roll the dice and tell their partner how many spaces they could move in French. Mrs Hesketh was very impressed by how well the children counted in French as they were moving their counters too!


The children finally finished their Starry Night art-work this week. We have been blown away with how carefully the children have worked and how much attention to detail they have shown. Super work year 1! 


Thank you very much for your responses to the email regarding the Go Read accounts. It does appear that there are some issues with the site not updating correctly once you have recorded that your child has read. Therefore, we will automatically be changing any books that are handed in on Thursday morning until Easter when hopefully this issue will be rectified. Please continue to record when your child has completed their books in the mean-time. Thank you.