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Week 4

There has been some super learning happening in year 1 this week!


In DT, the children thought about the skills and processes they will need to use when making their fruit kebabs. They learnt about the importance of good hygiene and considered which skills they will use to prepare the fruit. The children worked in small groups to practise chopping fruit using a fork to secure it so it doesn't move. The children thought about how this helps them to chop the food safely. 

The children are really enjoying our topic on Florence Nightingale. This week, we explored what people (at the time) really thought of Florence - did everyone like her? We used drama and role play to explore the answer to this question. We thought about what the soldiers, doctors and nurses really thought of Florence. After this activity, some children took to the 'hot-seat' to show what they had learned by taking on the role of one of the characters.


HC- I think the nurses thought she was very strict!

JP - The soldiers like her because she brings them nice food and is nice to them. 

BB- The doctors didn't like her bossing them around. She thought she was in charge but she was not!