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Week 4

Week 4




Thanks to those of you who have sent through your setting descriptions from last week's work. They don't have to be particularly long, a couple of paragraphs will be fine. This week, we're moving on to character descriptions and a lot of the same skills will apply. Try to get some of the spellings from the week into your work too. Let me know what you think of the lessons and whether you find them useful in terms of planning out your work and doing a little bit each day. 


When you click on the link, all of the lessons from last week are still on there, make sure that you only do the ones for this week, which are all titled "character description".



Complete the reading activity at


Please ensure that you continue to read every day. Aim to spend 30 minutes reading. If you're stuck for ideas of what to read, I've added 28 books recommended for children in Year 5 further down the page. 



You'll never guess what I've done! That's right, more Purple Mash grammar activities! GO! GO! GO!



Complete the spelling task on Sumdog. The words are words ending in the -shus sound. 




Maths will be set though the White Rose Maths Hub website. Go to the website below and complete the daily activities for Week 2 (not Summer week 2, just week 2) on rounding decimals. There is a video and accompanying worksheet for each day of the week. The answers are also there for you to check your won work. If you're stuck, drop me an email or use the contact box at the bottom of the page to ask for help.




Let's try something different this week. You can do Joe Wicks as well, but I'd like you to do some Yoga. Use the videos at

I know some of the videos are a bit "babyish" but the content is more important than the context. 



Use your setting description from last week and your work from a few weeks ag on landscape art to draw a picture of your setting. 



Our topic this half term would have been crime and punishment through the ages. Over the next few weeks, I'll add some History work around this topic but, for now, I want you to design a machine using mechanisms designed to punish or torture someone who has committed a crime.The machine must have moving parts. You will need to sketch your machine and label the different parts, explaining how it works. You can try to build a model of your device, but you do not have to. This work is designed for the whole half-term, so it is not something you need to rush. Take your time, think about how it would work and come up with the best possible ideas. 



Keep going with this!

Use the wesbite to select a Scratch project to complete. If you attend Coding Club, continue from where we were up to, otherwise start at Module 1. You can either download Scratch to a PC or laptop if you have one or access it online at



I'd like you to look at Crime and Punishment during the Roman times. Use the Powerpoint below and then complete the activity sheets. Don't worry if you can't print them, just do them on some paper. 


This week's top task: Learn a new dance! 

Again, send me some photos