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Week 4



What a busy week we have had in year 1!


The children are continuing to really impress us with their beautiful cursive writing. We have also been blown away with their use of adjectives to make their writing more exciting!


In maths we have been looking at numbers 11-20 and understanding that these numbers are made up of tens and ones. The children really enjoyed a practical maths session where they had to use resources to represent the numbers in different ways. 


The children have continued with their Van Gogh inspired 'Starry Night' pictures and we have been well and truly blown away by their artistic talents! The children are really enjoying this art-work and have been working with incredible care and control. Mr Cook even came for a special visit to see the children's art-work and gave out some head-teacher's stickers because he was so impressed. 


In RE this week we looked at the Bible story of when the angel came to Joseph to tell him that Mary was having a special baby. We learnt why Christians believe that Jesus is so special and we showed what we had learnt by creating freeze-frames of the story. We thought about what the angel and Joseph might have been thinking and saying and completed speech and thought bubbles to show this. The children really enjoyed exploring this story through drama. 


The children have perfected their actions to go with our song 'It Was On A Starry Night' for the performance. The children have worked really hard to learn the words and actions so quickly and we know they are very excited for their performance to be recorded on Monday. We can't wait for you to see it too. 


It was really nice to see and speak with you all during our virtual parents evening this week and thank you all for your positive comments. We are really missing being able to see and talk to you all at the moment so please do get in touch via the school office if you wish to discuss anything further.


Thank you,

Mrs Hesketh and Miss Thackray