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Week 4

Easter Bingo

Wow Year 1! What a fabulous 4 weeks you have had. We cannot believe how well you have come back to school and just got back into our routine without any fuss. 


In maths, we have carried on with place value to 50 and really consolidating our knowledge. For our Big Write, we retold the story of Cinderella. Some of the work produced was outstanding and the class should be really proud of themselves. In phonics, we have covered 4 new sounds which means Year 1 have now been exposed to all the sounds we would like to cover in Year 1 at least once. 


The new sounds we have covered are:

ie (pie in the sky)

ue (blue statue)

wh (white whale)

ph (dolphin on the phone)

oe (doe on its toes)

ea (bread for breakfast)

e_e (Steve centipede)

au (haunted hall)

ey (wonky donkey)


In our afternoon sessions we have been learning about the Easter story. On Monday, Year 1 sequenced the story and then on Wednesday they retold the story. We were super impressed with their knowledge and independence with this activity. On Tuesday, we looked at a book called 'Have you filled a bucket today?'. The book was about the importance of being a bucket filler and not a bucket dipper! Please ask your children about this one 🙂. 


Remarkably, we are exactly where we need to be in all areas except grammar. In grammar, we have covered each objective once but just not had chance to recap fully yet. However, the children are already showcasing objectives like question marks and exclamation marks in their work which is really pleasing to see. Thank you again for all your hard work during lockdown as this would not have been possible without that effort.


The children had a busy last day before Easter taking part in the Easter bingo (which they absolutely loved) and an Easter hunt.  


We have an increasing number of cardigans and jumpers in the classroom without any names. Please can you check over Easter that clothing items are clearly labelled. We know by this time of year that names may have rubbed off. It is difficult to ask the children which is theirs at this age as they are not normally sure where the cardigan is from or what age it is. 


We hope that you all have a lovely Easter and the children have a well-earned rest!