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Week 4

It has been assessment week across school this week. We have been really impressed with how focussed the children have been during their assessments and are extremely proud of them! We will be using these assessments to work out each child's next steps and will be sending home some personalised targets for each child soon. These will give you some ideas of ways in which you can continue to support your child with their learning at home. 


The children have continued to learn about Mary Anning and other people who played a significant part in her life. The children have been really engaged with this topic and some have even brought fossils in from home to share with the class. 


In PE this week the children focussed on their jumping skills. We looked at some techniques to help them improve the distance of their jumps. The children enjoyed playing a game of 'Island hopping' where they had to jump from 'island' to 'island' to get across the sea.