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Week 4 blog, Summer Term 2

Wow, what another amazing week both Reception classes have had. We have continued our topic linked to the Bear Hunt story and the children have been very busy working on their focus tasks and their independent tasks. This week we also did some outdoor challenges. One of which was using only 7 bricks, the children had to create a bridge to cross the river from the Bear Hunt story. Except, they weren’t allowed to put their feet in the water! They had to decide how they would create their bridge and get across the river without getting wet – there were some great ideas. Another challenge was to build a tower taller than themselves using an equal amount of bricks each. This was quite a challenge as the towers kept topping over! During our PE sessions, the children also enjoyed using the tennis bats and balls. We have also continued to look at the different stages of human life (baby, toddler, child, teenager, adult, elderly) and talked about the different things that we could do as a toddler that we couldn’t do as a baby and what we can do now as a child. We also talked about different jobs people do and what jobs the children would like to do when they are an adult.


Our daily phonics and maths sessions are going well and this week the children have all been learning to halve numbers to 20 and the number 19. Next week, we will be learning about odd and even numbers and the number 20. In phonics, we have been looking at the sounds ‘ar, or, air’ and reading and writing words containing those sounds. We used phonics play to sort words containing these sounds into real words and nonsense (fake) words. Next week we be looking at the ‘ou and oy’ sounds.

We played the Phase 2 games, ‘Buried Treasure’, ‘Dragon’s Den’ and ‘Picnic on Pluto’ and then clicked on the phase 3 sounds to find the specific sound we wanted to look at.


The children have also really enjoyed singing ‘Doubling Machine’ (Doubling song) and ‘Chip the Chopper’ (Halving song) from Numberfun. These songs can be found by following the links. They are used in part of a lesson so are sung part way through the video. (Hopefully, the link will take you to the start of the songs!)


Doubling Machine:


Chip the Chopper:


The children also love singing this song which is linked to Number bond to 10.


Next week we will also start our new topic which is linked to ‘The Gruffalo’  

Please remember, our virtual door is always open to all our pupils (those attending school and those who are completing learning at home) so please do get in contact if you would like to talk to us about anything.


The Reception Team x