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Week 4 Blog

Wow! What a super busy couple of weeks we have had in Reception! We think there might be some rather tired children this weekend!

Last week, we focused on learning about our very important school RESPECT Code. The children listened to lots of stories in order to develop their understanding of what some really tricky words mean, such as Perseverance, Courage and Justice. We were SO impressed with the way they discussed these stories, began to recognise the symbols of our code and use the words when learning and playing. 

We had some exciting new arrivals in Reception last week...our worms! The children helped to set up our wormery ready for the arrival of our special composting worms. The wormery has a special viewing window so that the children can observe their movements and tunnels. Each week, we will feed them some of our fruit waste - this recycling will mean less rubbish in the bin and in rubbish dumps. Great job Reception! 

This week, the children carried on working hard in our outdoor area by weeding the flowers beds and planters. We are lucky to have lots of space indoors and outside, but it takes a lot of looking after and needs a lot of tidying up - we seem to have a very helpful class thankfully! 

As a school, we have celebrated one of our 4 Curriculum Drivers - Diversity. The week ended with a special assembly where the children impressed Mr Cook and the rest of the school by recalling the names of some real life superheroes that we have been learning about - Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks. The children learnt about where the came from using the globe and found out about the importance of their lives through special books. They couldn't believe that people used to have to sit separately on buses, go to different schools, use different toilets, just because they looked different. The empathy and compassion shown by the children amazed us. They all strongly believe that everyone should be treated fairly - that we are all equals. When focusing on Nelson Mandla, the children created some beautiful (and even symmetrical!) African tribal masks. After hearing about Martin Luther King's speech which famously started 'I have a dream...', the children drew how they could make the world a better place, such as by being kind and sharing, by recycling or by treating everyone the same. What fantastic learning Reception. 

As well as ALL this, we started daily Phonics and Maths this week! The children have all participated in whole class and small group sessions, learning our first sounds masdt and, in Maths, investigating subitising and patterns. Those little brains have been working extremely hard! Thank you to those who were able to attend our Maths meeting. Please remember that you can find information and links to support both Phonics and Maths at the bottom of this page.


Have a wonderful weekend! (lots of sleep for the little ones!)


The Reception Team :)