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Week 4

*** Week 4 Update ***

Happy Friday Year 3,

I love quotes from Dr. Seuss and this is one my favourites! 

Well done for all your wonderful efforts and superb work already this week! I have seen some amazing answers to our comprehension work and I have enjoyed reading your ideas about what you think has happened to Professor Howe. I will upload me reading the next two chapters next week. Also, you have been busy adding and subtracting fractions in maths and it has been great to see so many of you accessing the resources on White Rose Maths and playing the fractions game on Purple Mash.

You continue to impress us and make us proud to be your teachers - you are the most hardworking, resilient, caring and polite group of children we have met! 


We miss you dearly and can't wait to see you all very soon! 


BUT....for now keep up the hard work, do what you can in the circumstances you are in and remember your mountain is waiting.....



As always, it's been lovely to hear from you via email and seeing all of the things that you're getting up to. Keep the emails coming and keep smiling! I'll be adding some new photos that you have sent this week to the gallery later this morning, so have a look and see what everyone else has been up to. If you are yet to email me, it would be great to hear from you and to see what you have been up to.

Well done everybody. Stay safe, be kind, keep smiling and look after everybody.


Love from the Year 3 team – Mr E and Mrs Wood


Week 4 Quiz


1. What city is the book History Hackers set in?

A. Leeds

B. London

C. York

2. What does Tilda use to try and open the attic door?

A. Charlie’s trainer

B. Charlie’s hat

C. Charlie’s head

3. When Tilda was going through the journals, what fell out?

A. Professor Howe’s shopping list

B. A map of access gates

C. A bookmark

4. Does the sentence below use a fronted adverbial of time, place or manner?

As fast as he could, Jack ran home from school.

A. Time

B. Place

C. Manner

5. Does the sentence below use a fronted adverbial of time, place or manner?

In the distance, he could see the train coming.

A. Time

B. Place

C. Manner

6. Does the sentence below use a fronted adverbial of time, place or manner?

As soon as she could, Tracey ran out to play.

A. Time

B. Place

C. Manner

7. What is 1/3 + 1/3?

A. 2/3

B. 2/6

C. 1/2

8. What is the missing fraction?

2/8 + ? = 6/8

A. 4/8

B. 5/8

C. 6/8

9. What is 10/12 – 6/12?

A. 16/12

B. 5/12

C. 4/12

10. How many events are in a pentathlon?

A. 4

B. 5

C. 6

Hello from Mr E.

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Week 4


Hello year 3,


We hope you have had a lovely weekend and have been enjoying the sunshine. Thank you for asking about how we are as well. I hope that you've all settled back into your routines after the first week back after Easter, although I know that, at first, I found it a bit tricky to get back into the swing things after two weeks off.


We really are missing you and so we are really enjoying hearing/seeing what you have been up to. I'll be adding some new photos that you have sent this week to the gallery later this morning, so have a look and see what everyone else has been up to. Remember, do the tasks you can and complete the tasks we've given you throughout the week. There is no expectation of how much you need to complete, just keep doing your best.


Your work for the week is in the section below and you'll notice some parts of it are similar to what we've been doing already and some bits are different. Keep being the amazing children that you are and have fun, stay safe and keep smiling.


Mr E and Mrs Wood 



White Rose Maths: This is the scheme we base our maths learning on. They are producing online materials including instructional videos that you can access from home. We are currently learning about fractions.


Just follow these four easy steps…

  1. Click on the set of lessons for your child’s year group.
  2. Watch the video (either on your own or with an adult).
  3. Find a calm space where you can work for about 20-30 minutes.
  4. Use the video guidance to help you as you work through a lesson.


Monday – Add fractions

Tuesday – Subtract fractions

Wednesday – Problem Solving

Thursday – Problem Solving

Friday – Friday Maths Challenge


Sumdog - Complete the activities allocated on there. Don't forget to log on everyday and try and answer as many questions as you can as part of the Sumdog tournament. We have until Thursday and I will be keeping any eye out to see if we can move our class up the leader board and see if anyone in our class can get into the top 10 students in Leeds. 


There is no need to print most of the activities as answers and responses can be written straight into books or on any paper. – is another great website which has a wide range of activities for Maths and English.




This week, we will continue to read History Hackers – Roman Rescue. I would like you to read chapters 1-3 and then complete the activities below. Any resources mentioned below will be in the Week 4 Resources section.


Comprehension questions

  1. What are the names of the main characters?
  2. Can you describe the main characters? What are their personalities like?
  3. What does the word ricocheting mean?
  4. What word or phrase tells you that the attic was not what Tilda had expected?
  5. How did Charlie find the hidden panel?
  6. How did Tilda know that the hidden room would be different?
  7. Find a word or phrase that describes the smell of the hidden room.
  8. Where is the story set?
  9. What do you think happened to Professor Howe? Find evidence to justify your answer.



Complete the Adjective Shades of Meaning Activity Sheet, which can be found in the Week 4 Resources section. Details of the learning task are on the sheet.


Challenge! Can you choose your own adjectives and create ‘shades of meaning’ cards for them?



Can you use the descriptions from the book to draw a labelled picture of the hidden room?


Punctuation and Grammar


Have a go at completing the fronted adverbial activity Sheet. I have also included a fronted adverbial word mat to support the children with this task.



This week’s spellings focus on words with a short /u/ sound spelt with ‘o’:

  1. woman
  2. wonder
  3. month
  4. govern
  5. brother
  6. another
  7. shovel
  8. above
  9. Monday
  10. discover

Practise these words three times and write them in sentences.


Spellings – RWI (

For any extra spelling and reading work please visit Oxford Owl (Web address above) using the following log in details:

Username: clehy3

Password: year3


You will need to log in through the ‘My Class Login’ at the top of the webpage. Some of the resources are PDF documents but these don’t need to be printed off, the work can simple be completed on paper or in books. Oxford Owl also has a free online eBook library which includes the popular Project X series. 



I have added a PDF for P.E. It’s called Pentathlon. So there are some fun activities you can try at home probably best in your garden.


Joe Wicks is streaming daily live fitness videos at 9am on his YouTube Channel – ‘The Body Coach TV’. Have a go at today’s fitness session if you fancy it or do some exercise of your own.


RE (Please continue)

Think about all those people that are helping us during this time. Such a nurses/doctors/policemen/ doctor receptionist’s/delivery drivers/ ambulance staff/111 telephone staff and many more people. Write a prayer giving thanks to God for them and asking God to help them and guide them at this difficult time. Here is a guide with sentence starters, but you can write the prayer however you wish.

Dear Loving Lord,

Thank you for ….

Thank you for….

Help …..


Show ….

Allow ….




In science this term we would be looking at Animals Including Humans. Our first lesson is looking at types of nutrition. Have a look through the power point and have a go at the science worksheet in the resources section below.


Should you have any technical issues with websites or missing logins/passwords then we have set up a new email address for you to send these queries which will be monitored by Mr Duffy.

History Hackers Chapter 1.mp4

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History Hackers Chapter 2.mp4

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History Hackers - Chapter 3

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