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Week 5

Wow! Where has this week gone? 


We have been very busy perfecting our Christmas performance and we are very excited to share it with you next week (fingers crossed!). If you have any spare time please could you help your child learn the words to our final song 'Away in a Manger'. 


As a school, we have taken part in an initiative called 'Be A Santa For A Senior' that helps support elderly residents in the Wetherby area who might be experiencing loneliness at Christmas time. We talked about how this fits in with our Christian value of 'service'. The children worked really hard to create some lovely art-work. You can see some examples below! 


Mrs Shaw transformed our reading area into a cosy Christmas grotto this week! The children have really enjoyed reading Christmas stories and writing letters to Santa in there! You can see some more photos of the children choosing their own learning in provision below. 


Every Thursday, as part of our classroom worship, we focus on a 'big question'. The children know that these are questions that have no right or wrong answer, make you think and can be a bit tricky to answer. I am always blown away each week by the children's mature and considered responses. Our big question this week was 'If you could change one thing about the world, what would it be?' The children came up with some really fantastic responses which showed such compassion and maturity. Here are some examples:

" I would make everyone warm and snuggly."

"I would make sure that if someone doesn't have a house, I would build one for them."

"I would change all cars to electric to save the environment."

" I would make the world magic up food so that everyone has enough food to eat."

"I would stop all bad things happening so if a bad thing happened, like a flood, the world would just make it go away."

Santa for a Senior

Choosing our own learning in provision