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Week 5

What an exciting week we have had in year 1!


On Thursday, we continued with our DT project. This week we looked at the importance of food hygiene and which skills we would need in order to make our fruit kebabs. The children worked in small groups to develop their cutting skills. They learnt how to use a fork as an anchor to secure the food they were cutting and then how to use the knife to safely cut it into bite-size pieces. The children were really sensible, listened really well and showed off their super chopping skills. You can see some photos of them in action below. 


On Friday, we concluded our learning on Florence Nightingale by considering whether everyone at the time (doctors, nurses, soldiers) liked her and would think she deserved to receive the Victoria cross. We discussed how we might go about finding this out since these people aren't alive now for us to speak to. We used extracts from letters and diaries written by people who knew Florence at the time to discover the different opinions they had of her. The children had lots of fun taking part in some drama activities such as 'thought-tapping' and 'hot-seating' to explore these ideas further! The children really got into role (the props definitely helped!) and you can see some photos of this below.


On Friday, we were also lucky to have a visit from D-SIDE who came to talk to us all about keeping our bodies healthy. The children were set some challenges by a robot called Q and had to help him learn about the parts of the human body, foods that keep us healthy and how to keep our bodies clean. This was such a fun yet informative session that the children thoroughly enjoyed!