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Week 5

We have finished the term with another busy week!


In maths, we have finished our unit on multiplication and division. On Thursday, the children enjoyed a practical lesson which developed their understanding of sharing into equal groups. The children had to share the cakes equally between the plates. Some children also investigated whether it was always possible to share into equal groups for example ‘Can Tina share 11 toys equally between two boxes?’. After Easter we will move on to learning about fractions in maths.


The children had an exciting end to our science topic on Thursday when they had to investigate which animals had been in our school playground by investigating the ‘poo’ they had left behind! The children looked for clues as to whether the animal was a carnivore, herbivore or omnivore and then decide which animal it belonged to. Don’t worry – I did tell the children afterwards that it wasn’t real poo and we talked about how they should never touch any animal poo should they ever find any!


We rounded off the week with Easter Bingo which was organised by the PTA – the children really enjoyed it!


Thank you for all your communication regarding the Go Read website – it does appear that there have recently been some technical issues but we hope these will be resolved after Easter. We have changed all children’s reading books whose folders were handed in on Thursday.


We hope you all have a lovely Easter and the children have a well-deserved rest!



Maths - sharing into equal groups

Science - carnivores, herbivores and omnivores