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Week 5

Wow - another busy week in year 1!


This week, the children really enjoyed a history lesson about how Collingham has changed over time. We were blown away by how much the children had remembered from reception and they enjoyed learning new things too. The children used old and new pictures to answer the question 'How has Collingham changed?' and then they wrote about what they had found. We were particularly impressed with the historical vocabulary that the children used - great work year 1!


JP - The Old Star changed to Tesco. The railway station used to be near Linton Road.

SB - In the past there was The Old Star but now there is Tesco. Something that has stayed the same is the church. 

TR - In the past there was a railway station. 

CT - In the past there was not as many cars in Collingham as in the present. 


After Christmas, we will be learning about the lives of Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole and how nursing and hospitals have changed over time. The children need to compare nursing in the past to nursing now and we wondered if there were any parents with a nursing / medical background that could come and talk to the children about what nursing / hospitals are like today. If you think you would be able to help us with this please let Mrs Hesketh know or send an email to the school office - thank you!