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Week 5

This week, in DT, the children closely followed their designs to make their final moving page. The children confidently explained which mechanisms they had chosen and why and talked about which tools and materials they used as they went along.

HT - “ I am using a card strip for my slider because it is longer so it moves better.”

MC - “ I might use a lolly stick because it is stronger.”

TT “ I have two sliders so the Old Lady can chase the Gingerbread Man.”

MD - “ I also chose a wheel to make the sun spin round.”

We were so impressed with how focussed the children were and how much care and attention they took over their finished products. Well done year 1!

To complete our science topic on plants, we learnt about trees this week. We learnt about the parts of a tree and the difference between evergreen and deciduous trees. We went on a tree hunt around school to classify the trees on our school grounds and investigate whether we have more evergreen or deciduous trees growing in school. The children concluded that we have more deciduous trees.