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Reception Summer 1 Week 3 - Tuesday 5th May 2020


Hello, we hope you are all well. We have really enjoyed finding out what some of you have been doing this week – please remember that you can email us at any time with messages, photos or questions at We will always try to reply as quickly as possible!

We are missing you loads and hope you are still keeping active and enjoying going for a daily walk or finding time to play outside.



Our main maths focus this week is measure.


Shape, Space and Measure: Length

  • Ask your child to compare 2-5 objects by size. What words do they use to describe them? (bigger, smallest, tiny etc) Extend to length language such as longer, longest, shorter, medium etc. Do they line them up by the base to compare the length directly?
  • Measure length using non-standard units such as Lego bricks, Duplo bricks, pasta, felt pens etc! It’s essential they understand that you must use the same unit for each measurement e.g. my teddy is 10 pasta tubes long – NOT my teddy is 5 pasta tubes and 8 Lego cubes long. Have lots of fun measuring toys, objects, hands and feet, plants!
  • If your child does this very confidently, you could try using a ruler to start measuring in centimetres.
  • Measure your plants as they grow, in non-standard (Lego bricks) or standard (cm) units – keep track on a list, poster or in a plant diary/ booklet.
  • TwinklGo! Ordering length game: SL3096


There are also a variety of resources in the resources section for you to have a look at.

Everyone is different and whilst we would like you to focus on measure as your main maths activity. You may also wish to continue to look at the Oak Academy maths activities as well as the measure but please don’t feel as though you need to both.

There is a different video lesson each day. This week their theme is daily routing and days of the week.



Speed Sounds:

Practise saying your letter sounds in-and-out of order as quickly and accurately as you can. You could put a timer on your phone and see how quickly you can manage it! We have attached a Simple Speed Sounds Chart in Week 1 resources Speed Sounds Set 1 and Set 2+3.

If you feel your child isn’t saying the sound correctly, we have attached a booklet in Week 1 resources called Phonics Guidance for Parents to give you more information about how we teach and say the sounds. On p.4 and p.5, there is detailed information on how to say the sounds. We have also attached a sheet called ‘Read Write Inc’ if they find it hard to write the sound, we say the rhyme to them.


      Set 1 Speed Sounds at 9.30am 

Set 2 Speed Sounds at 10.00am a
Set 3 Speed Sounds at 10.30am


You might wish to follow their lessons and this week they will be covering the sounds for:

 Each video will be available for 24 hours. 


Tuesday 5th May

Set 1: y

Set 2: ir 'whirl and twirl' (The green words for these are in the resources section for week 4)

Set 3: u-e


Wednesday 6th May:

Set 1 - w

Set 2 - ou (The green words for these are in the resources section for week 5)

Set 3 - aw


Thursday 7th May

Set 1 – z

Set 2 - oy (The green words for these are in the resources section for week 5)

Set 3 – are


Monday 11th May

Set 1 - x

Set 2 - ay (The green words for these are in the resources section for week 5)

Set 3 - ur


Tricky Words:

Practise reading and writing your tricky words using Phonics Play. If you don’t wish to use online learning or have access to the internet, you could write them in a book, paint them, using water and a paintbrush and paint them outside, draw them on large pieces of paper. You could play a bingo game with them, matching pairs game, hide and seek (write out several and hide them and then go and find them!). You could get your child to test you on the words by reading them out. This would provide an opportunity for you to model making a mistake and see if your child can identify it.

Tricky Word Groups: (Feel free to consolidate some tricky words or move your child on and learn new tricky words. Just do what suits them) 

Phase 2: I    no   the  to   go    into 

Phase 3:  he she we me be you all are her was they my

Phase 4:  said have like so do some come little one were out what when there


We have not added any additional Read Write Inc activities this week. Instead, we would like you to focus on learning about VE Day and focus your writing around this.

Focus Week: VE Day (Victory in Europe)

Please pick and choose which you think your child would most enjoy and learn from.

  • Understanding the World (History): Look at and discuss the VE Day PowerPoint
  • Writing:
  • Write a prayer or message thanking the heroes of World War 2
  • Write a rainbow prayer or message for everyone in our world at the moment
  • Write a tea/ garden party invitation (if you are celebrating on Friday)
  • Make a list of ingredients or write simple instructions for making sandwiches or baking (if you are celebrating on Friday)
  • Understanding the World (Geography): Make a Union Jack flag or some bunting using the templates
  • Recap the 4 countries that make up Great Britain using a globe, map or atlas
  • Expressive Arts and Design: Look at the medal information sheet and design your own medal on the large template. Or perhaps you could make a medal from card/ a lid and ribbon/ string? How will you decorate it?
  • Music: Learn We’ll Meet Again by heart, talk about what it meant after World War 2 and how it has meaning now.  Perform WITH your family!
  • Music/ Dance: Listen to Glenn Miller ‘In the Mood’ (or similar) and make up a 1940s style dance! There are lots of Jive and Lindy Hop dance clips on YouTube or watch
  • Maths Shape, Space and Measures: Explore capacity by playing tea parties! Is your cup full/ empty/ nearly full/ nearly empty or half full? How many cups will the jug fill up? Estimate(clever guess) before you investigate!
  • Create a Spitfire using the one in the resources section or any kind of paper plane and see how far it will fly! Make more than one and have a race with your family!
  • Various creative ideas:


Don't forget to send us any photos of all the amazing things you have been doing! 


Music/ Dance:

Have fun learning the Sing a Rainbow song and dance!


We would like you to go onto Mini mash and go onto the Music section and use 2explore to create your own rhythms. (The music section is in the outdoor part of Mini Mash!)


Use PurpleMash and create your own Union Flag. We have put this in your 2dos.