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Week 5 Blog



Another busy week for year 1 but the children have amazed us with how hard they have been working! 


The children wrote letters to Father Christmas for their big write this week and we think he is going to really enjoy reading them. They thought of lots of reasons as to why they had been good this year and gave examples of all their good deeds. The children enjoyed this task so much that they have continued to write letters (complete with envelopes and stamps) in provision time and, as a result, our post-box is bursting at the seams!


We have continued to focus on full stops and capital letters in our grammar sessions and the children have enjoyed mastering 'Kung Fu' punctuation. This is where they use an action to represent each of the punctuation marks and then use the actions to show what punctuation is missing from a sentence. 


In history, we continued to learn about Neil Armstrong. We investigated why he was famous and learnt about the Apollo mission to the moon. We used different sources (pictures, text, video footage) to find out what they did when they landed on the moon. We then used freeze frames to show what we had learnt. The children really enjoyed this activity and were like little sponges absorbing all the new information. 


One of our favourite activities in provision this week has been using stickers, chalk and black paper to create constellation pictures - you can see some of these on the picture gallery for this week. 


The whole school has taken part in a project called 'Be a Santa for a Senior' which helps support elderly residents in the Wetherby area who might be experiencing loneliness at Christmas time. The children have created some lovely art-work and written a Christmas senses poem to send and we are sure that they will be very much appreciated by their recipients. 


After a few days in quarantine, our cheeky elf has arrived and has been causing mischief in our classroom. Each morning we have found him hiding in a different place where he has created some sort of mess or chaos. The children are very excited to see where he is hiding each morning. 


Only a few more weeks left to go and we have lots of lovely Christmas activities planned over the next few weeks which we know the children will really love.

Miss Thackray and Mrs Hesketh