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Week 5

*** Week 5 Update ***

Happy Friday Year 3,

What a funny time we find ourselves in. A time where it feels like we are living in a very important part of history. A time that will be remembered for a very long time. As I sit and write this to you all, I find myself imagining what it will be like when we all, finally, get to come together and be back in our classrooms. I imagine it will be filled with lots of joy, laughter and an appreciation for the simple things in life!


Since being in lockdown, I have been finding some time to explore my local area. Whilst I was walking through my local streets, I spotted a few posters up on signposts. These posters were asking us to decorate our house in red, white and blue to celebrate VE Day’s 75th Anniversary with a stay at home street party. This got me thinking about a different time in history.

VE day was a day where we, as a country, celebrated the end of the Second World War. A day where many people, who had been separated, came together to celebrate the end. I imagine they felt happy and relieved that the fight was over. I think they enjoyed being together again with family and friends. I also think that they would have shared stories with one another about what they experienced during the war.


During the war, Vera Lynn sang a song to help lift spirits called ‘We’ll Meet Again’. In the song it says:

‘We'll meet again

Don't know where

Don't know when

But I know we'll meet again some sunny day

Keep smiling through

Just like you always do

'Till the blue skies drive the dark clouds far away’


I think that this song can also be used to help lift spirits today! Yes, Year 3 we will meet again, we might not know when that day will come but it will happen! We will be sat back behind a classroom desk, fighting over glue sticks again. We will be running around on the school playground practising our skipping and football skills. We will be back laughing at when I accidentally put the answers on the board instead of the questions or when I trip over one of those chair legs which is off the ground. We will be back chatting on the carpet and sharing high fives when we finally get that tricky sum we have been working on! And we will continue to make many more memories in school. But for now, in the words of Vera Lynn, ‘Keep Smiling Through, Just Like You Always Do’


We are all looking forward to “meeting again” very soon.


Stay safe, be kind, keep smiling and look after everybody.

Love from the Year 3 team – Mr E and Mrs Wood


Week 5 Quiz


1) Which sentence uses ‘an’ or ‘a’ correctly?

A) The knight was a excellent fighter.


B) The knight was an excellent fighter.

2) Which sentence uses ‘an’ or ‘a’ correctly?

A) She was an honest person.


B) She was a honest person.

3) What is the fewest number of coins you can use to represent 415p (£4 and 15p)

A) 3

B) 4

C) 5

4) How many 5p coins do you need to make £1?

A) 40

B) 30

C) 20

5) Complete the number sentence:

£2 and 90p + £3 and 20p =

A) £5 and 10p

B) £6 and 10p

C) £7 and 10p

6) Complete the number sentence:

£4 and 35p – £2 and 15p =

A) £2 and 20p

B) £6 and 50p

C) £3 and 20p

7) Complete the number sentence:

___ ÷ 11 = 3

A) 27           

B) 30

C) 33

8)What is the capital city of Spain?

A) London

B) Madrid

C) Berlin

9)What is the capital city of France?


B) Oslo

C) Edinburgh

10) In the story, History Hackers, what did Tilda and Charlie find in the bag with the three Roman coins?

A) Bracelet

B) Necklace

C) Ring

Week 5


Hello year 3,


We hope you are ready for another week of fantastic learning! Last week we got to speak to many of you and it was wonderful to hear what you have been up to lately. We sure miss seeing all of you every day! I even heard from a few of you for the first time last week, which was absolutely wonderful. Although, at the same time, I haven't heard from some of you since the first couple of weeks after we closed, so it would be nice if you got back in touch.


The galleries are full with pictures of all the wonderful and amazing things you've been doing and it was great to see Mr. Cook choose some of your work to go in the headteacher's blog.


Friday 8th May is a bank holiday. Feel free to take this day off from learning if you want. For those of you who would like to do some learning on Friday, I have provided you with plenty of things to do linked with VE Day.


We hope you all have a lovely week!

Mr Elliot & Mrs Wood



White Rose Maths: This is the scheme we base our maths learning on. They are producing online materials including instructional videos that you can access from home.


Just follow these four easy steps…

  1. Click on the set of lessons for your child’s year group.
  2. Watch the video (either on your own or with an adult).
  3. Find a calm space where you can work for about 20-30 minutes. Work sheets and answers can be found in the resources section at the bottom of this page.
  4. Use the video guidance to help you as you work through a lesson.


Monday – Convert pounds and pence

Tuesday – Adding money

Wednesday – Subtracting money

Thursday – Multiply and divide by 3

Friday – Friday Maths Challenge


There is no need to print most of the activities as answers and responses can be written straight into books or on any paper.


Sumdog - Complete the activities allocated on there.


BBC Bitesize – From this week White Rose Maths and BBC Bitesize run in line with each other.  This means that every day, there’s a learning video on the White Rose page to watch and a link to that day’s BBC Bitesize page for more information and even more lesson content.




This week, we will continue to read History Hackers – Roman Rescue. I would like you to read chapters 4 and 5 (remember you can find an audio version of the chapters at the bottom of this page) and then complete the activities below. Any resources mentioned below will be in the Week 5 Resources section.


Comprehension questions

  1. How does Tilda react to their discoveries?
  2. What does Tilda think about time travel?
  3. What does the word ‘danced’ tell us about how the coins moved?
  4. What impression do we get about how comfortable the children are in their ‘Roman’ clothes?
  5. Why do you think the author chose for Tilda to not believe that they would travel back in time?
  6. What ideas are we given about the normal sights in York?
  7. What ideas are we given about how long ago the Roman time period was?
  8. Which character would you prefer to be: Tilda or Charlie? Use evidence from the text to support your answer.



Can you list all the synonyms (a word or phrase that means exactly or nearly the same) for said from the two chapters?


Challenge! Can you use a thesaurus to find more alternatives for said?


Punctuation and Grammar

Complete the A or An Activity Sheet in the resources section below. I have also added a revision PowerPoint to help.


Challenge! Explain why there are exceptions to the rule such as an hour or a unicorn.



This week’s spellings focus on words with a short /u/ sound spelt with ‘ou’:

  1. enough
  2. young
  3. touch
  4. double
  5. trouble
  6. country
  7. courage
  8. rough
  9. tough
  10. cousin

Practise these words three times and write them in sentences.


Spellings – RWI (

For any extra spelling and reading work please visit Oxford Owl (Web address above) using the following log in details:

Username: clehy3

Password: year3


You will need to log in through the ‘My Class Login’ at the top of the webpage. Some of the resources are PDF documents but these don’t need to be printed off, the work can simple be completed on paper or in books. Oxford Owl also has a free online eBook library which includes the popular Project X series. 



I have added a PDF for P.E. It’s called Pentathlon. So there are some fun activities you can try at home probably best in your garden.


Joe Wicks is streaming daily live fitness videos at 9am on his YouTube Channel – ‘The Body Coach TV’. Have a go at today’s fitness session if you fancy it or do some exercise of your own.



After been blown away with your knowledge of European countries this week I would like you to complete the activity I have set for you on Purple Mash. You will need to label the different capital cities of countries which are found in Europe.


History/ Topic

We hope you will enjoy completing the activities, which can be completed anytime throughout the Summer Term. The children can choose to complete as many of the activities they would like, once an activity has been completed you send it to me on the Year 3 email address and will upload them to our class web page.



(A PDF version of the picture above can be found in the resources section.)

British History

This Friday (8th May) marks a very important date in British History. This year is the 75th anniversary of V E Day which is a special event!

Some of you may already know what VE day is. It is a day to remember and celebrate the end of the fighting in Europe during the Second World War. It ended 75 years ago in May 1945.


I would like you to research what VE day is and why we celebrate it. Some families will be having stay at home street parties and decorating themselves and their homes in red, white and blue to represent the Union Jack. How are you celebrating VE day at home? However you choose to celebrate, let me know and include any pictures and I will share these with the rest of the class.


Should you have any technical issues with websites or missing logins/passwords then we have set up a new email address for you to send these queries which will be monitored by Mr Duffy.


History Hackers - Chapter 4

Still image for this video

History Hackers Chapter 5.mp4

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