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Week 6

Friday 15th May


Hello again Year 5. Another Friday, which means another week nearly over. It's hard to believe but there's actually only one week left of this half term. Of course, all of this means that we're even closer to being able to have you all back in school. Obviously, we still don't know when this might be, but, for me, it can't some soon enough. I've had about as much as I can take of listening to those stupid, annoying toys of Freddie's making their silly noises and repeating the same phrases ad nauseum. Honestly, if that little V-Tech car tells me that "Puppy likes to go for a ride" one more time, the puppy will be going for a ride through the window! (please note, this is not a real puppy, it's a stupid plastic pretend driving toy. I am NOT threatening to throw a cute cuddly little dog through a pane of glass). 


Anyway, how have you all been? Do you have any fun plans for the weekend? I'll be spending my weekend building Theo's new climbing frame, so that's something to look forward to. I'm sure it will be very straight-forward and won't frustrate or annoy me in any way. Assuming I don't inflict some horrible injury on myself whilst doing that, I might even try to find time to paint the conservatory, but given that I've been saying that for about six months, it's probably not very likely to happen. 


Over the past few days, we've just been trying to keep up our routine as much as possible, which hasn't been helped by the weather. We've also been trying to teach Theo to read and spell his name and work on his counting skills, and, on those few occasions when he can be bothered to engage, he's getting much better, His favourite phrase at the moment seems to be "Let's do that later."


I updated the gallery on Tuesday, so make sure you check out what everyone has been up to. I've changed how I've done it as there are now so many tasks and so many of you sending through your fantastic work that it's becoming very difficult to keep track of and make sure that people see the work that everyone has sent through, so I'm going to just put everything into weekly folders. If you've sent some things through to me and I haven't added any of it to the gallery, please send me a quick email to let me know. 


Have a great weekend, take care, be safe and have fun. 


Mr. Duffy



Tuesday 12th May


Hi Year 5, I'm back again with another week's worth of work for you. You're welcome! 


It looks like you all had a very enjoyable VE day and did lots of fun activities to mark the occasion. I'll be updating the gallery later today, so make sure you check out all of the new stuff that I'll be adding and have a little peek at what everyone else has been up to. Having mentioned on my last update that I hadn't had many emails, I was inundated over the weekend and on Monday so I've got lots of stuff to add. 


As I mentioned last week, Friday was a celebration in the Duffy house, but for a different reason to it being VE Day; it was Theo's 4th birthday. It seems quite unbelievable that the tiny little thing that came into our lives (rather earlier than intended, if you recall me mentioning it during our science lessons) has grown so big and become so naughty. We had a wonderful day playing in the garden with all of his new toys, having water fights and having a PJ Masks themed party -even if it was just for four of us. Thankfully, the new toys seem to have bought me a few hours of peace and quiet since then as well, so everyone's a winner, except for Freddie, who keeps getting shouted at by his big brother for trying to eat his new toys. 


That's all from me for now. 


Take care, be safe, have fun, 


Mr. Duffy