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Week 6

It is the end of another busy week! We were so pleased that we got to share our nativity with you and hope that you all really enjoyed it!


We have had two maths-focussed mornings this week where we have been learning all about shape. On Thursday, the children enjoyed being ‘shape investigators’. They had to listen carefully to the clues and then sneak around the classroom to ‘catch’ the correct shape. We also explored using 2D shapes to create repeating patterns and sorted 2D shapes into groups according to their name, colour and properties.


On Friday, we moved on to naming and describing 3D shapes. The children really worked hard to expand their vocabulary and were using

It when they were sorting the shapes. You can see some quotes from the children below - we were blown away by how well they were using the correct vocabulary. 

"A cylinder has circles on both ends. It has no vertex and it is curved."

" A sphere has a curved side so you can roll it."

"These shapes have flat surfaces so you can stack them."


We continued with our art topic on printing this week. We were very impressed by how much the children had remembered from last week. This week, we used plasticine to create our own printing blocks by pressing objects into them to make an imprint. 


We are really looking forward to a Christmas-themed arts and crafts week next week.


Have a lovely weekend! 



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