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Week 6

This week we have celebrated children's mental health week in school. The children really enjoyed a session with Mrs Shaw who came to talk to them about how they could look after their mental well-being. Mrs Shaw talked to the children about the importance of sleep and the children came up with some ideas of things that they can do to help them relax before bed. These were some of their ideas:

" I could have a warm bath."

"I could have some nice, warm milk."

"I read a book before I go to bed to distract my brain."

"I count animals if I can't sleep - they are part of nature and I like nature so it makes me feel calm."

Mrs Shaw helped the children practise some relaxation techniques such as imagining a white light travelling around their body and doing some calming star-breathing. 


The children thoroughly enjoyed making their fruit kebabs in DT this week. They followed their designs really carefully and applied all the skills that we have been practising over the last few weeks . I think the children would say that the best part was getting to eat their kebabs and they all said they were delicious!


In maths, we have been looking at place value in numbers to 50. The children enjoyed a practical lesson where they had to use different resources to represent a number in different ways. You can see some photos of this below. 

Maths- representing numbers to 50