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Week 6

What a super busy week we have had in year 1! We have certainly crammed a lot in this week!


On Wednesday, the children visited Abbey House Museum and had a fantastic time! The children took part in a workshop led by the museum staff where they consolidated their learning on old and new toys. There were even some old toys for them to play with which they absolutely loved. The children also explored the museum and Mrs Hesketh set them the challenge of completing the ‘Toy Treasure Hunt’. The children had to find 10 toys in the museum and think about what they were and who might have played with them. The children were impeccably behaved and we were all so proud of them! 

In DT, we thought about how we might join the two pieces of fabric together to make our puppet.

HC- We could staple them.

CT - We could glue them together.

SC - We could stitch them together.

MR - We could tape them.


We talked about the different methods and decided that sewing would be the best way. The children practised threading their own needle and had a go at a running stitch on a piece of felt. We were blown away by how focussed the children were and how well they persevered. They are now equipped with all the skills they need to make their own puppets during our parent event next Wednesday morning and we are very excited for you to join us for this activity!