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Week 6

We were so, so proud of all the children for performing such a fantastic nativity ‘Baarmy Bethlehem’. The children were absolutely fantastic and we hope you enjoyed it! Here are some thoughts from the children about what they enjoyed:

HD - I really liked doing the actions and dancing.

FC - I really liked when we all went on stage and sung Away in a Manger because I really like that song.

SS - My favourite song was the last one because it made me happy!


We continued our history learning this week and thought about how shopping in our local area had changed in the last 100 years. The children enjoyed comparing old and new photographs of Wetherby high street and sorting pictures into past (an old shopping basket) and present (a plastic bag). 

The children have also enjoyed being scientists this week. The children had some special notes from Santa and had to do some experiments to help him.

First, Santa needed some help as he had run out of magic dust and needed a fizzy potion to make his reindeer fly. The children had to find out which ingredient would make the potion fizz. We did lots of fantastic science learning including making predictions, observing and making our test fair. 

Then Santa needed our help to find a waterproof material to keep the presents dry in the rain. The children enjoyed using pipettes to drop the water on to each material and observing what happened. The children used some fantastic science vocabulary and decided that Santa should use a plastic cover. 

We are very excited for our last week of Christmas fun!