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Week 6

For homework this week, each child will receive a personalised sheet based on their assessments. The sheets will be sent home in their reading record folder on Friday. If your child does not have their reading record folder in school, the sheets will be sent home in their bags so please look out for them.


Children will have specific phonics, tricky words and maths targets.


Please do not worry if their is a word/sound etc on the sheet which you think your child knows. It is very common at this stage of Year 1 for children not to be reading/spelling consistently. 


I would suggest making flash cards for the words/sounds and using them little and often. It might be that you decide to focus on 5 words one week and a different 5 the next week and then come back to the original 5 the week after. We find that repetition for this age group is the best way to transfer information to long term memory alongside playing/making it into games. 


For maths, we are aiming for all of the basic skills to be recalled rapidly. Again, this is best done little and often! It could be done in the bath, in the car, when having dinner, out on a walk etc. 



Big Write


For the Big Write on Wednesday 9th June, children will be writing a recount of their half term. It may be worth keeping a diary/notebook of activities you have done so you can discuss them with your child before the write.