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Week 6 Learning

Week 6 - 11/5/20 (summer term 1) – TOPIC: PLANTS

  • Spelling Test yourself on ‘Jumping red words’–eye, even, her, half, full, whole and also Words to Log and Learn from2B Unit 12 – adding the suffix – less: fearless, hopeless, toothless, useless, homeless, pointless.

New Spellings – 2B Unit 13 – adding the suffix – ment: treatment, amazement, measurement, attachment, movement, government, judgement, replacement, punishment, enjoyment. By adding the suffix –ment we are turning verbs into nouns. For more help on this check out the word file below which is the transcript for the video we would normally watch to introduce a new spelling pattern. Practise adding and removing the suffix -ment. What do the root words look like? Do you need to ‘add, double or drop’ letters? Have a go at dots and dashes for the root words – see PDF below New ‘Jumping red words’ – money, most, other, only, over, pretty.

Can you use all of this week’s spellings in sentences?


  • Phonics- the ‘ire’ sound as in fire, hire, wire, bonfire, inspire, conspire. Can you spot/read these graphemes in your reading? Can you spell words with these spelling patterns? Can you make lists with each pattern? Can you use the words in sentences? Play ‘Fred Fingers’ and sound the words out with dots and dashes like we do at school so fire = ._ We have a dot for one letter one sound and a dash for more than one letter per sound.
  • Reading – Traditional Tales – Rumpelstiltskin. Share the book on the Oxford Owl site.  It’s an ebook for ages 6-7. At the end of the book you can ‘Talk about the story’ and ‘Retell the story’. Have a go at both. There are also 2 fun interactive activities to do. Have a go at both.
  • Writing – Writing the ending of a traditional story. Have a go at writing a new  ending to ‘Rumpelstiltskin’. Can you include some repeated language? You could start at the bit where Lily is having her last chance to guess his name. Does she get it right or not? What happens in your new ending? Do they live happily ever after? Use adjectives to describe feelings. Can you use similes? Can you use apostrophes of possession and neat joined handwriting? Read your writing carefully. Check for spellings and punctuation.
  • Grammar & Punctuation – discuss verbs and nouns. What’s a verb? What’s a noun? This week’s spelling pattern turns verbs like enjoy into a noun like enjoyment by adding the suffix – ment. Make a table of the verbs then list the nouns that they turn into.
  • Maths Practice – times and divide 1 a day see word doc below
  • Maths Topic – measuring temperature in degrees Celsius. If you can get hold of a thermometer find the temperature inside your home and outside your home. Is it the same? What is the difference? Can you find out the temperature of your fridge and freezer? Order the temperatures and compare each using <, > and = signs. Have a go at the word doc below. There is some more practice see PDF below
  • Science – Plant Investigation and seed diary. I hope your seeds are doing well. Mine are finally little plants. I would love to see your diary/pictures and sentences to show how they have grown.

As posted in Week 3 -  Investigation – What do plants need to stay healthy? Choose 3 of your plants that you are growing (once they have become small plants) and give 1 – water and sun, 2- water but no sun, 3- sun but no water. Predict what might happen. Observe over time – watch your plants and see what happens. Keep a record of what you see. Write down what you have found out about what plants need to stay healthy.

I am starting my investigation this week. My pea seeds are proper plants now. What a difference a week makes! Check out the photos below. The pot that gets sun and water is called the control because I can compare it to the other 2 pots. I predict the control will do the best because I think it has everything a plant needs. I predict that the pot with no water will... I predict that the pot with no sun will... What do you think?

  • R.E. / D.T. – Muslim prayer mats. Have a go at designing and making a Muslim prayer mat. If you have fabric you could try stitching/sticking your design. If you don’t you could do a picture of your design. See word doc below and photo for ideas.
  • Computing – Purple Mash 2Go – Try a different background and change the sprite. 1. Use a ready made background then draw your own 2. Use a ready made sprite then try and draw your own. You can scroll through backgrounds on the start screen and you also have the option to draw your own. If you click on the pen symbol next to the sprite you can choose a different one or draw your own. Have a go and save or hand in.