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Week 7

Thank you:
I would just like to say a huge thank you to everyone for your wonderful cards, gifts and the amazing video (which made me cry). It was so kind of you all. It has been an absolute pleasure to teach this class and watch them grow and develop and I will really miss them. I have promised them that I will keep popping down and waving at everyone through the classroom door!!  Thank you to the class for being amazing and to all of you for you support.

Miss Hicks



Wow, what an amazing first half term the children have had. They have worked so hard and  shown so much positivity, joy and perseverance in everything they have been doing.  


Science Day:

The children had a fantastic day carrying out different experiments. We talked about some famous scientists such as Marie Curie and Mae Jemison. We learnt about what scientists do and then thought about some of our own questions. Then, we made predictions about what we thought would happen. We carried out our experiments and carefully observed what happened. Finally, we recorded our results. 

The childen made a volcano erupt by mixing different ingredients together and observing what happened when we added the lemon juice (acid) to the bicarbonate of soda (alkali). 

After this, the children were given the challenge of making a bulb light up using a battery (cell), wires and a bulb. They had to investigate all this for themselves. 

Finally, the children were all given a special pen. They had to use the special light on their pen to read 'invisible' words hidden around the classroom and on the table. Then, they used their pens to write secret messages to each other. 

Some photos have been attached in our photo section. The rest will be added later. 


PE: Unfortunately, we haven't been able to video the dance yet we will do this after half term.